Usain Bolt goes football pro in Norway

8 time Olympic gold medalist and a record holder in several events, Usain Bolt shocked the world when he announced his intention to pursue football. Jamaican sprinter joined the Norwegian football team – Strømsgodset for training, according to This was not the first time Usain Bolt joined a football team during training. He has trained with German and South African teams before.

31 old athlete seems very enthusiastic about this new opportunity. When asked about his decision to pursue his goals in Norway Usain Bolt commented – “It’s a country I generally enjoy. You never know what can happen, I just want to play football and prove for myself that I’m good enough. I’m just trying to improve. Maybe a club will see something and decide to give me a chance. So I’m going to keep working hard and maybe in future, someone will offer something I can say ‘yes’ to.” There is a possibility that Usain Bolt could be playing against Norway’s under 19 team in a training match if the athlete “stays [in Norway] that long and is selected for the squad”.

Usain Bolt’s appearance during training was a surprise for the team players as well. As the sporting director for Strømsgodset, Jostein Flo said the players were simply told that a new triallist would be joining them for practice. They were completely shocked when they found out who the trialist actually was. “We think it’s fantastic that Usain Bolt is choosing to come here to Strømsgodset to train. He’s one of a kind and a champion, one of the greatest athletes of all time, and we can clearly learn a lot from him. His presence here will undoubtedly be a huge inspiration for players, coaches, the entire club. We want him to be given the opportunity to play in the training match. He is a good football player, otherwise, he would not be training with us.” – Mr. Flo commented. Bolt was given a shirt with number 9.58, which is his record time for 100 meters, earning him the title of the fastest man alive.

Usain Bolt was born in a small town in Jamaica. His parents owned a grocery store. From his childhood recollections, Bolt loved playing football and cricket with his brother. His love for sports inspired him to focus on sports in high-school, where he quickly became the fastest runner in 100 meters distance.