David Glaser – Contributor

For me, sports writing is the best career imaginable. Even as a young boy, I could never get enough of sports. All through high school and college, I played football, basketball, and ran track, earning multiple awards. Unfortunately, my days of playing ended after being in a major car accident. Initially, I felt completely lost until my father suggested that I take my knowledge of sports and use it in the form of writing.

Taking his words of wisdom to heart, I went back to school, ultimately earning a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. It was as if an entirely new world of excitement opened up to me. Today, I stay extremely busy with my own website but also outside publications. My father, who was an author for more than five decades, continues to be my hero and inspiration.

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Don Majors – Contributor

By the age of 10, I knew without doubt that I wanted to be a writer. The only thing I did not know was the type of writing that I was most interested in. For the first few years of my now 25-year career, I wrote on many different topics but I was constantly drawn back to the power of sports.

In addition to having achieved success as a published writer in the sports arena, I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 30 years. We have been blessed with five amazing children, two that chose to follow in my footsteps, making their dad very proud.

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Daniel Jordon – Contributor

Regardless of the sport, I probably participated. Anything that had to do with action on the field had my full attention. However, I was also a student dedicated to my studies. As a professional sports writer, I have the best of both worlds. After earning my bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree, I headed out to launch my sports writing career.

My education, knowledge of sports, and desire to create strong pieces that connect readers has allowed me to reach a level of success I never thought possible. When not watching a game on television or seeing one in person, I spend quality time with my wife of 10 years and my now six-year-old daughter.

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Renata Jones – Contributor

To this day, I still have literally hundreds of journals that I wrote in as a young woman. Writing has always been a way for me to express myself and share ideas, so for my parents, it was no surprise that I chose a top university to earn a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. I always enjoyed a challenge and seeing very few female sports writers, I naturally gravitated to this genre.

What started out as a way to establish myself as a serious writer in a relatively unique field quickly became a major passion. Today, the biggest complaint my husband has is that I spend too much time watching sports on television.

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Wayne Landers – Contributor

As a writer with more than 20 years of experience, I have the wonderful opportunity of keeping people up-to-date on all types of sporting events, whether high school, college, or professional level. To really bring words to life, I try to attend as many games as possible, which means that my wife and I travel often.

My wife, who is also a sports enthusiast, helps me with research and together, we go all over the country in our RV. Traveling with us are our two dogs and one cat. For us, life is an adventure.

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Brent Sawyer – Contributor

Whether talking about college or professional basketball, football, baseball, or hockey, I create articles and blogs. Although I do have favorite teams, my writing covers virtually any team considered newsworthy. The goal with my writing style is to add animation to words so that my readers feel as if they experienced the game in person.

With a master’s degree in writing, I have been given many incredible opportunities. Along with my own website, I write for others, as well as contribute to hard copy publications that reach readers in North America and beyond. For pleasure, the entire family enjoys anything that involves being on or near the water.

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